© 2009 Signature Art Medals Obverse of Signature Art Medal's My Mind Was Full of Lincoln Artist Victor David Brenner
© 2009 Signature Art Medals Reverse of Signature Art Medal's My Mind Was Full of Lincoln Artist Don Everhart
My Mind was Full of Lincoln
- Bronze Medal
This historically significant medal honoring Abraham Lincoln and Victor Brenner was sculpted by two accomplished artists, Victor Brenner and Don Everhart. The medal was struck at Medallic Art Company, America’s oldest private mint and is based on two original designs.

'My Mind Was Full of Lincoln' commemorates both the Bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth and the Centennial of the Lincoln Cent. The obverse of the medal bears the serene portrait of Lincoln that Victor David Brenner created and copyrighted in 1907. The reverse shows Brenner at work on the Lincoln Cent dies, 'his mind full of Lincoln.'

In 1908, a service medal for Panama Canal workers was undertaken, and Brenner was selected to make suitable dies based on a design by Frank Millet. The obverse of the medal was to feature Teddy Roosevelt’s portrait. While Roosevelt was sitting for Brenner, it is reported that Brenner showed Roosevelt a larger size of this Lincoln plaque. Apparently this inspired Roosevelt to ask Brenner to use his Lincoln for the creation of a new coin - the Lincoln Cent. The Lincoln Cent is re-interpretation of this design, a descendant literally and figuratively. Brenner adapted it to be more suitable for the a coining press rather than a medal making press.

The years 1908 and 1909 really cemented Brenner as an artistic force. And by 1908, the paths of Medallic Art Company and Brenner frequently crossed. And in April 1909, Medallic Art Company produced the final hubs for the Lincoln Cent. These hubs are the ‘reference design’ from which master dies are impressed.

© Derek Everhart 2009 Don Everhart at work on the reverse model for 'My Mind Was Full of Lincoln' medal issued by Signature Art Medals. Then in September of 1909, Brenner joined the Circle of Friends of the Medallion, where for the first time private collectors designed and produced a medal series in America. The first two medals were minted at Medallic Art Company of New York, owned by Henri and Felix Weil.

In 2008, Signature Art Medals commissioned Don Everhart, a talented coin engraver, medalist and sculptor to design and sculpt a reverse worthy of Brenner’s famous Lincoln plaque. Everhart has numerous accomplishments to his credit starting with his early career at the Franklin Mint, then as a freelancer (Everhart did commission work for Medallic Art Company and others), and now as sculptor-engraver for the US Mint.

His work is exhibited in many prominent museums; the Smithsonian, National Sculptor’s Society, and the British Museum. Everhart was only one of four sculptors asked to create more than one medal for the Society of Medalists, a 70-year series of biennial medals all produced at the Medallic Art Company. (The Society of Medalists was the next major private organization to design and product medals after the “Circle of Friends” ceased.)

Both Brenner and Everhart have designed and sculpted coins for foreign governments as well as the US Mint. Everhart has also prepared six Congressional Medals, numerous sculptures for Georgetown University, Clinton’s Second Inaugural Medal, and a number of US coins and medals, including state quarters, the sculpt of the third aspect 2009 Lincoln Cent reverse and the 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Dollar obverse.
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© Joel Iskowitz 2009 A lithograph by Joel Iskowitz of Roosevelt sitting for Brenner in 1908 in preparation for Roosevelt's portrait on the Panama Canal Service Medal Inspiration of the Lincoln Cent - Lithograph
This lithograph depicts the sitting of Roosevelt for his obverse portrait on the Panama Canal Service Medal. Victor Brenner is shown sketching the president in preparation for his models.

Produced on high quality 120-lb coated paper stock, this lithograph is a limited edition of 250. Each one is signed and number personally by the artist. Also in the bottom margin is text describing the event along with photos of the Panama Canal Service Medal.
© Joel Iskowitz 2009 The margin of the lithograph by Joel Iskowitz of Roosevelt sitting for Brenner in 1908 in preparation for Roosevelt's portrait on the Panama Canal Service Medal